Bruel and Kjaer Measuring Amplifier Type 2610



ITEM MODEL: Bruel + Kjaer Measuring Amplifier 2610

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Measuring Amplifier 2610 for Sound and Vibration measurement by Brüel & Kjær


ITEM MODEL: B & K Type 2601 Measuring Amplifier

CONDITION: Used. This item has been tested and is in good working condition. Please view video to see us testing the B&K Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) using this Measuring Amplifier.

DESCRIPTION: this B&K measuring amplifier Type 2610 is an easy to use multi-purpose amplifier - voltmeter featuring extreme versatility, wide measurement range and laboratory precision. It can be used alone or as the basis around which numerous measurement and analysis set-ups may be built for investigation of sound, vibration and voltage signals. This system can also be used with one of the B&K ½ inch Condenser Microphones and Preamplifiers as a sound level meter. Can also be used as a vibration meter with Brüel &Kjær piezoelectric accelerometers and other vibration transducers, wide-range, high-accuracy voltmeter and frequency analyzer with Brüel &Kjær Band Pass Filters.

For more information please CLICK HERE to review the official product data sheet from B&K.


  • Sound measurement
  • Acoustic measurements: precision sound level meter
  • Vibration measurements: vibration meter
  • Voltage measurements: electronic voltmeter
  • Frequency analysis
  • Low noise amplifier


  • Overall frequency range: 1 Hz up to 200kHz
  • Measuring Range: 10μV to 30V FSD
  • Amplification: +100 to -30 dB
  • Accurate Max. ± Peak indication for signals of 25 μs or longer
  • Automatic indication of measurement mode, range, gain, and input and output overload
  • Direct, plus Mic. Preamp. Input
  • Analog AC and DC outputs for magnetic tape and graphic recording
  • Accurate true RMS indication for AC signals


  • B&K Type 2610 Measuring Amplifier
  • SA 0252: dB SPL Scale (28 – 89 mV/Pa. 30 dB Log)
  • ZG 0350: 7-pin LEMO to B & K Adaptor
  • Power cable
  • Operational and Service manuals