Bran Luebbe InfraAlyzer 2000 NIR Spectrometer with Epson LQ 2180



ITEM MODEL: Bran and Luebbe InfraAlyzer 2000 NIR Analyser; comes with Epson LQ 2180 Dot matrix printer

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Used Bran Luebbe NIR Spectrometer for Sale, Used Epson LQ 2180 for Sale



Bran and Luebbe InfraAlyzer 2000 NIR Analyser; comes with Epson LQ 2180 Dot matrix printer. CLICK HERE to see the InfraAlyzer 2000's Principle of Operation and learn how it works. 

This pre-owned NIR Anaylzer is fully tested and guaranteed to be in working condition. Please review our pictures and videos of this system, showing us performing a sample NIR analysis.

The Bran+Luebbe InfraAlyzer 2000 is a near infrared spectrometer which is designed for the compositional analysis of samples using the near infrared reflectance characteriscs of sample criteria. The InfraAlyzer 2000 is specifically designed for NIR spectroscopy analysis of powdered, semi-solid, liquid, and intact products. Special sample drawers of tailor made design are available for each one of those product groups. Liquid samples are pumped or injected into a special measuring cell in the liquid drawer. Changing between one sample drawer and another is quick and easy, so providing the utmost flexibility and user-friendly sample handling.

The Bran Leubbe InfraAlyzer 2000 uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy for the analysis of typical constituents in the food, agricultural, and chemical industries. Note: This system comes with an integrated PC, with Quanta 5.20 Software Installed. It does not require a seperate Computer or other software to function.

This used NIR Spectrometer comes complete with an Epson LQ-2180 Dot Matrix Printer.

Please note, the above descriptions were taken from Bran+Luebbe product brochures and websites. For more information please CLICK HERE to review the official product brochure. 



  • Determination of properties such as moisture, protein, sugar, alcohol, iodine number, and oil content in food production.
  • Monitoring of fat, moisture, crude fibre, starch, and protein content in the feed industry (green feed, feed raw materials, mixed feed).
  • Hydroxyl and acid number determination in the polymer industry.
  • ETC


Max Number of Filters: 19
Measurement Time: Approx. 30 seconds (1 scan, 19 filters)
Spectral Range: 1445 - 2348nm (standard configuration)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >104
Illuminated Sample Area: >300mm(approx. 20mm Ø)
Power Requirements: 90 - 260V, 50/60 Hz (Wide Range Power Supply), 160VA


  • Bran+Luebbe InfraAlyzer 2000 Near Infrared Spectrometer
  • 2x Sample Loading Trays
  • 6x Closed Sample Cups (used for all kinds of ground, powdered samples)
  • 1x Open Sample Cup (used for high oil or moisture sample)
  • Manuals
  • Copy of Quanta 5.20 Software
  • Epson LQ-2180 Dot Matrix Printer
  • 2x Printer Ribbons
  • All Cables and Power Cord

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Our Guarantee

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