Jul 9, 2018 - Introducing: Product Feature Comparisons

As someone who is in the market for Used Lab Equipment, Used Test Equipment, or Used Semiconductor Equipment, you can find great deals if you know what you are looking for. A large amount of Used Scientific Equipment hits the market everyday. Although they are not the latest models, they may well have all the features that your lab or business is looking for. If you can find a piece of Used Equipment that is sufficient for your needs, you can benefit from enormous money savings!

However, there is a problem. Detailed information on older used equipment models are hard to find. Unless you are familiar or have previously worked with a specific model, how can you be sure that this piece of used equipment will meet your needs? 

At CB Assets, we recognize this challenge and we aim to give you more confidence as you make your Used Equipment purchase. We are introducing Product Feature Comparisons to help you make sure that you are buying what you need. In our Feature Comparisons, we highlight the key technical specifications of a piece of Used Equipment in our inventory, and compare them against the most popular models currently on the market. This way, you know exactly what you are getting. You can confidently buy a used model and bank your money savings!  

In our first Product Features Comparison page, we take a look at how our Used Sotax HT 100 compares against other popular Tablet Hardness Testers. Click the picture below to go to the comparison page. 

Product Features Comparison