ABB MB3600 FT-NIR Spectrometer

The MB3600 FT-NIR with Horizon MB™ FTIR software from ABB Analytical Measurements provides an optimum combination of reliability, low cost of ownership, consistency of results over a long time and spectroscopic performance. Easy to use and maintenance free, it will provide consistent analytical results for years to come.

Built with heavy-duty modules, a permanently aligned optical system and minimal mechanical components, the MB3600 does not require maintenance or adjustments for years to come. The result: a reliable spectrometer that produces the most consistent results. The MB3600 was developed by Dr. Henry Buijs, one of the founders of Bomem Inc. and a world-renowned expert recognized for his applied research in spectroscopy.

The double-pivot interferometer’s innovative design ensures increased robustness. The optics are permanently aligned, enabling more repeatable, reproducible spectroscopy and eliminating the need for dynamic alignment. The scanning mechanism has a lifetime guarantee. The MB3600 is the result of over 40 years of experience in the aerospace, academic, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. It is the successor to the FTLA2000 spectrometer, also developed by Dr. Buijs and marketed since 1985 by Bomem Inc. Designed with the concerns of lab users in mind, the MB3600 is the ultimate in ease of use, reliability and consistency.

The MB3600 contains fixed components that do not wear out with use, meaning no components to replace or adjust. With the MB3600, the HeNe LASER is replaced by a solid state laser. All optics are non-hygroscopic. Purging is not required for protection of optics.


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ABB MB3600 FT-NIR Analyzer
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