Net Optics 1000Base GigaBit SC to TX Media Converter SC-Type CV-SX/GCU



ITEM MODEL: Net Optics 1000Base SC/TX Gigabit Converter SC-Type CV-SX/GCU

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GigaBit SX to TX Media Converter for Sale


ITEM MODEL: Net Optics 1000Base SC/TX Gigabit Converter SC-Type CV-SX/GCU

CONDITION: 100% New in Box

DESCRIPTION: NetOptics GigaBit SX to TX Converters are simple and reliable devices for connecting GigaBit fiber traffic to copper devices and links. Use these bi-directional media converters individually to connect GigaBit copper and fiber devices, or in pairs at each end of long-distance fiber links. These Converters are the perfect solution for dispersed networks where media conversion required between copper network segments separated by long distances.

The GigaBit SX to TX Converters support seamless media conversion at 1000 Mbps over link distances up to 550 meters with 50/125 multimode fiber and up to 5 kilometers with singlemode fiber. The Converter supports either full or half-duplex transmission with optional auto-negotiation over the fiber link and UTP port. The CV-SX/GCU model supports transmission over either 62.5µm or 50µm multimode fiber.

Net Optics GigaBit SX to TX Converters incorporate Link Fault Signaling, which gives the devices connected to the Converter critical information about link status. If either side of the bi-directional link fails, the Converter immediately communicates the fault to both devices, reducing the time required to activate a redundant path. To control jitter over long optical links, the Converter features Clock and Data Recovery (CDR). CDR ensures that the overall jitter budget is not exceeded when deploying converter pairs with long fiber links.

For extra uptime protection, Net Optics Converters offer redundant power connections. Should the primary power source fail, the Converter automatically switches to the backup power source.



  • Net Optics CV-SX/GCU GigaBit SX to TX Converter 1000Base, SC-Type 

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Our Guarantee

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