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Exatron 904 Pick & Place Handler for Sale

Exatron Pick-and-Place Machine, Model 904 for Placement and Testing of MEMS and IC Packaging Equipment

ITEM MODEL: Exatron 904 SMT Pick&Place Handler for automated testing of semiconductor chips.

CONDITION: Used and fully working. The system has been tested to ensure the functionality of all the components. Please see the pictures, as well as the video below of us performing a test of the mechanical systems as well as some of the inputs and outputs. CONTACT US for a quote on this machine.

The Exatron Model 900 Series Pick-and-Place Handler is an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) System designed for testing, programming, transfer, laser marking, and inspection of various package devices in JEDEC trays, waffle packs, and other inputs and outputs. It is a small-to-medium-volume, servo-motor based, engineering system that uses single trays, with a wide variety of inputs and outputs that can be configured for multiple sorting options. This Automated Handler is capable of handling all SMD and leaded device types and is a fast and flexible automated programming system built to meet the demands of small-to-medium volume production.

This system was used by a manufacturer of MEMS microphone products and has been configured with a custom test site for testing and handling of Microelectromechanical-Systems (MEMS) devices. The testing site has been equipped with Exatron’s own Diamond Particle Interconnect (PI) contactor sockets, designed for audio testing of MEMS microphones.

The system can be customized using Exatron standard building blocks as well as testing sockets from other suppliers, for various other MEMS and IC testing purposes:

  • Electrical MEMS testing
  • Hot/Ambient/Cold testing
  • Laser Marking
  • Light Sense Testing
  • Light Source Testing
  • Air Pressure/Vacuum Testing
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Note that you can reach out directly to Exatron if you require any assistance setting up this system to suit your specific needs. Exatron has no time limit on their product support and guarantee to service their products even when not purchased directly from the manufacturer. Exatron also promises to always offer spare parts, service contacts, and rebuilds of any of their products.

Testing of Semiconductor IC’s, MEMS devices and Sensors


Number of test sites Single site standard
Test Site Single RF test site with quick-disconnect socket tooling plate
Test Socket Supports nearly all OEM test sockets
Exatron custom built spring probe sockets
Exatron Particle Interconnect (PI) RF and CSP sockets
Number of trays Input: 1
Output: 4
Types of input/output trays JEDEC – fits all formats, 2″ and 4″ waffle packs
Options: tape, tube, bulk, bowl feeder, magazine
Test interface / Communications Standards TTL Handler port, RS-232, GPIB, TCP/IP, Ethernet, SECS/GEM
Products/Device Types handled SMD and leaded device types:
Pick up head Z-axis pickup head with vacuum nozzle on Y-axis gantry
Air Pressure Required 80 psi clean dry, air at 2 CFM (typical, add 1.5 CFM per each venutri added)
Jam Rate 1/5000
Device Size 1.6×2.00mm to 75x75mm
Number of pick-up heads / Z cars 2 Dual pickup heads – 16 pickup tips each
Number of Test/Program sites 16 / Loads 2 groups of 8 devices each
Gantry 48in.
Test capacity 16 devices every 8 seconds
Throughput 7200 UPH
Tri-temp IC Test Option Can be integrated into the system – contact Exatron
X-Y drive system Servo motor-driven lead screws
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.002” (0.05mm)
X-Y Axis Max. Velocity 48”/sec (122cm/s)
Z Drive System Servo motor-driven lead screws
Z Axis Resolution / Placement Accuracy +/- 0.002” (0.05mm)
Z Axis Repeatability / Placement Repeatability +/- 0.002” (0.05mm)
Placement Force Up to 10kg (20 lbs) force with standard pickup heads
Theta Drive System Precision stepper motor driven
Theta Axis Resolution 0.1°
Theta Axis Repeatability +/- 0.1mm (0.003″)


  • Exatron 904 Test Handler and CPU, with all the original components included
  • All cables and accessories required to operate the system
  • User manual and Operating Procedures
  • Hard Disk Backup, which includes a copy of Exatron Software for operating the handler
  • Interface Boards, connecting external equipment to the test site for processing the testing results