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Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester for Sale

Used Sotax HT 100 Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester

ITEM MODEL: Sotax HT100 Automatic Tablet Testing System; this item is a current model offered by the manufacturer Sotax. 

CONDITION: This system was last used by a nutrition supplements manufacturer. Operational Qualification (OQ) was last completed and passed in April 2016.

DESCRIPTION: The Sotax HT100 Tablet Hardness Tester is capable of performing fully automated testing of 10 different batches of tablets. It can test 5 essential physical parameters including: Hardness, Thickness, Width, Diameter or Length and Weight. The Optional batch feeder has 10 chambers. Each chamber can hold 200 samples or more. It is equipped with patented AutoAlignment Technology, and has AutoSeparator technology for vibration free tablet separation. The AutoSeparator separates all shapes and sizes of tablets without any manual user adjustments or special tools.

This system costs ~$50,000 USD new (excluding software and drivers, which can be purchased separately from the manufacturer). Pleaset visit Sotax’s official website for more information on this item. 


  • Optional 10-Magazine Feeder as pictured
  • Copy of HT 100 Operating Manual
  • Copy of last OQ (Operational Qualification) documentation from April 2016; If you would like to review a soft copy of this, please reach out to us.

Contact us with any questions on this Tablet Hardness Tester for Sale.